Helping solve problems by using the best technology, with a focus on efficiency.

Video producer with Web Developer Project Management experience. Making sure your clients know how to use your product or service.

Specialties: Web design, Html, CSS, GTD, Video Editing.

I've been most described lately as a "Fixer".  If a project needs help getting finished or needs to get the gears moving again, this is where I come in.

usb dongleStarting in high school, with a Hi8 video camcorder, I made video documentaries of car tuning projects and fun videos with my friends (including a parody of the Fast and the Furious).  I bought a simple usb video capture device and installed the editing software that came with it.  This was the start of my video career.

I soon started making videos of whatever I could, with a focus on wakeboarding.

Then, after shipping off to college and realizing that my first educational choice of Electrical Engineering wasn't going to pan out for me, I decided to switch majors to Digital Media and buy my first semi-pro video camera (Canon GL2).

I used video whenever a project would let me and refined my skills with different editing software throughout my college career.

After entering a college film festival and not even placing, my team of friends and I entered the same festival a year later to win the Best Comedy award (link).

Towards the end of my college career and after graduation, I started using my Web Development skills professionally. I was a freelance web guy, using different CMS platforms for about a year until I was hired at Accrisoft.

video studioI started work at Accrisoft in the technical support department in 2010 and progressively changed positions in the company until I left in 2015.

I built Accrisoft's video production department, which now has it's own dedicated studio with a green screen, auralex padded walls, multiple microphones and cameras, and an editing bay.  Video is a crucial part to Accrisoft Freedom's success in that it now has over 200 tutorial videos, explaining highly technical parts of the content management software.

In October 2015, I moved to Georgia looking for new opportunities. I am producing freelance marketing and training videos, as well as capturing drone footage for media companies in the area.  I'm expanding my knowledge of Virtual Reality with the Oculus Rift DK2/HTC Vive, and stitching together 360 videos with multiple GoPros.

I also still have freelance websites clients, and will build more upon special request.

Currently, I am contracting for Sandbox Communities in Tech Square.  I have built a few websites for them including and  I am consulting and developing processes for their membership management, event registration, and staff management.